Dr. Nick Begich, co-author with Jeane Manning of the book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, was asked in a recent interview whether HAARP technology could have been involved in creating the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Begich says, “There’s no independent monitoring (of HAARP) that I’m aware of that can confirm HAARP’s involvement by defining which signals are responsible for those events. Don’t jump to that conclusion, but, …” Begich adds, “the important point is, man can do this today.”

Yes, we do have technologies capable of creating earthquakes and we also have a history of abusing powerful technology.

A fairytale version of our past does not serve us well.

Karola Kautz’s translation and interpretation of Genesis reveals that the biblical story of the woman and the serpent in the Garden of Eden is a symbolic retelling of an historical event even more catastrophic than the Japan earthquake. This man-made disaster took place about 6000 B.C. and it sunk a large landmass, released an airborne toxin and dramatically affected future generations.

Kautz’s interpretation is corroborated by many ancient texts and artifacts from around the world. Read the details in Chapters 20-22 of The Key to Ancient Records manuscript.