An impasse

It’s not hard to see why many people dismiss the idea of God when faced with accounts of planets and stars created in seven days, and a woman created from a man’s rib. Such stories test our tolerance for religion. We crave information that makes sense.

Chapters 1 and 15 of The Key to Ancient Records show that existing scientific theories may not satisfy us either.

Researcher Kautz notes that evolutionists cannot answer the question, “What came first: the chicken or the egg?” And the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe contradicts the physical law that polarity is required for the perpetual flow of energies. It suggests the question, “who or what caused Earth to materialize where it did in space?”

It’s an impasse. Where do we turn?

The information is right there for all to see. We have simply misinterpreted the words.

Kautz’s 1974 breakthrough to understanding the system of symbolism used in inspired ancient records from around the world finally allows us to understand our story. Her interpretations were confirmed by collaborating scholars and scientists, many of whom were skeptics at first and later became enthusiastic supporters.

The revelations of this inspired scholarship are written in plain English, accessible to all who are interested. The course in the ancient system of symbolism contains many well-documented surprises that may upend our view of reality. But they’ll also satisfy our hearts and minds.

Knowing the truth about our origins and our latent human capacities will expand our options for the future.