God and gods

Throughout Genesis 1, the word God (singular) was translated from the Hebrew term Elohim (plural). The fact that the word is plural is acknowledged by scholars, but the plural meaning and its implications are not considered or taken into account.

According to original biblical meaning, there has never been only a single Creator. The Elohim, the plural creator gods, were the creators of the physical world and of souls. (more on soul and psyche in future posts)

God or “Lord God” (translated from the Hebrew Yahweh Elohim or Yahweh of the Elohim as some scholars state) is not introduced until Genesis 2:4 when the evolution of the human mind begins. See Chapter 16: Cosmic Beginnings.

Karola Kautz’s interpretations are meticulous and unbiased. Kautz never guessed at meanings or bent meanings to fit traditional familiar concepts.

For a fresh view of reality, read the whole manuscript.