Living in harmony with nature

Evolutionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard says we are evolving into a new universal species capable of co-evolving with nature, understanding nature, working with and restoring nature.

If we think of nature as the natural – or default – state for our species and our world, what might our future hold? Does living naturally require us to live in caves again?

We have a hard time imagining a nature-based civilization with a high degree of culture and comfort. But if our values are right, perhaps we’ll find new pathways to happiness. Barbara Marx Hubbard delivers a course on Evolutionary Metamorphosis, in which she reminds us, in the words of author Joseph Chilton Pearce that “Intelligence can unfold within us only when an actual model for that intelligence is given to us.”

Chapter 5 of The Key to Ancient Records presents texts of the Greek philosopher/poet/historian Hesiod and also of the Roman historian Ovid providing such a model. They describe in great detail a former Golden Age when “people had all good things, for the Earth yielded plenty of her own accord.” Some say this Golden Age lasted more than 50,000 years. People lived in harmony with nature and enjoyed nature’s abundance.

Also in Chapter 5 are Solon’s translations made in the Egyptian Hall of Records, as found in Plato’s Critias. Before their spiritual decline, the ancient Atlanteans were said to have “possessed true and in every way great spirits, uniting gentleness with wisdom. They despised everything but virtue, caring little for their present state of life, and thinking lightly of the possession of gold and other property which seemed only a burden to them; neither were they intoxicated by luxury, nor did wealth deprive them of their self control …”

If we’d like to consciously recreate a natural life on Earth, our ancient ancestors can certainly inspire us.